Problems adjusting

My team for HFOSS has been struggling with getting the Sash project to push to Open Badges, and I think part of the reason why might be because a lot of us are new to working on open source. I’ve found that for me personally, the largest issue I’ve been having is not finding enough documentation on the different tools/libraries/etc that we’ve looked at.  When you work on a project for most classes you have very specific requirements and you’re usually using languages/tools that are very well documented.

We were able to get some leads on the project by talking to developers from Mozilla’s Open Badges teams on their weekly conference calls, and the big recommendation we got was to use WebKit in order to use Mozilla’s Issuer API. We found a Python wrapper for WebKit called pywebkitgtk that we’ve been attempting to use, but tutorials for it and documentation on how to use it for what we need have been pretty scarce (although we have found a couple). I’ve been trying to write a script that uses pywebkitgtk to work with the issuer api, but it hasn’t been super fruitful.

On top of that, most of us are new to Linux as well so we ended up spending more time on setting up our development environments and whatnot than we probably should have.  Even the other day, I got bogged down with fixing my VM rather than working on the project.  My VM had run out of space and I had to figure out how to fix that before I could continue working.  And then today I tried writing the script on my Windows machine and then trying it out on my Fedora VM, only to have to spend time fixing whitespace/linebreak problems.  Turns out there’s a cool dos2unix command you can run on text files to convert worked on my VM by default so I guess it might be a part of Fedora.

I’m really disappointed at how this project has been going for me. I feel like I’m learning more in this class than I have in most of my others, and yet I’m doing much worse.  And it’s a team project and a project that isn’t solely academic (meaning it would have been actually used outside the classroom) so I feel extra guilty for letting other people down as well.


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